international commerce.
국방조직론 .. 잉 잉 ㅜㅜ

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My favorite singer is Lady Gaga

She comes from USA.

She sings pop and possible any genre.

My favorite song by Lady Gaga is “Born this way”

I like her voice and character.

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First of all, I want to go USA . Because my friend lives there. Seattle in Bellvue.

also I want to meet her family. i miss them.
Secondly, I don’t want to go anywhere. because my aunt is traveler . so i would know any country throught a book.(she wrote a book) it would be different though. Real going , reading a book. Just i want focus on conserve korea. because nowadays a lot of people want to go out toward abroad. Even they don’t know about their country and themselves root. i think that is pretty serious problem. we need to have proud our country Korea.

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The 3th of April

Pretend fun officially.

but talking with J.T

it was good.

It would be better MAC-CHANG with tac-ju.

And i thought that teacher serve the dinner for us. but that’s not what i expected.

Because always korean professor buys  food for student.

Anyway, I have a lot of things to do.

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Tuesday, the 29th of March

1. Last Weekend, I expected nothing.

because everything is same. but little thing was change probably..

i hope so.

2. Yesterday, i didn’t think about a quiz. but i had to solve quiz.

so i did. I was first time quiz in ESL course.

3. I have eaten Nepalese food before with my friend, only once though.

Nepalese restaurant host told me “you are pretty” , when i visit there.

he was good flatter.

So at that time i could get good service with free yogurt drink.

 I ordered curry chicken, Nan-bbang, curry and curry rice . 

Curry rice was not good for me though. it was good totally.

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Our family and relatives had a party at a hotel.

For Great uncle’s 80th birthday.

I ate chinese course food for lunch. it was not good.

After that came back home. We had a dinner.

Mom made 닭볶음탕 for me.

It was pretty good.

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I had a class National security.

I like this class. because professor makes me touched.

 When i hearing a lecture. i’m with fullness of the heart.

After the class i had a break time. It was good day.

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